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Take a nice photo of the paper receipt and submit. Zoombooks app will properly categorize the expense amounts and save the receipts. You can see your financial reports on the go and view/download online anytime.

No accounting basics needed at all.


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  • 50 images/month
  • 50 images/month
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Manual entry is free forever.


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Frequently asked questions

1Why is Zoombooks better than apps using OCR technology for bookkeeping and expense management?
In Zoombooks, professional bookkeepers review the receipts submitted by users and record the amounts under the correct expense categories. That’s why it’s more reliable and simpler to use. Problems with OCR only fancy apps: OCR based apps are not very accurate in reading receipts. App user is somehow involved in correcting those entries (before or after recording transaction). If the app user doesn’t know bookkeeping basics and relies on OCR/app recommendations only, bookkeeping becomes a mess.
2Is Zoombooks only for drivers, who else can use it?
Simply, anyone who is looking to record expenses and physical receipts digitally. Zoombooks can be used by self-employed, contractors and small businesses with simple bookkeeping and expense & receipt management requirements.
3What is the difference between manual entry and photo entry methods?
A user can record an expense receipt in two ways: Photo entry: User only takes a nice picture (of a physical receipt) and submits. Zoombooks app will properly categorize the amounts and record the receipt. This way, expense is properly recorded, and the photo of receipt is saved as well. Manual entry: User types in the amounts (expense, sales tax) from the receipt, and selects the category manually. This way, only expense is recorded.
4Is this app free forever?
Yes, manual entry is free forever. However, the photo entry feature is free for 90 days only.
5How will I have access to my financial information?
You can use prebuilt reports anytime in the app or on the web. You will also be able to view and download all saved information.
6Can I download my financial information in a spreadsheet?
Yes, you can download any report or all categorized information in Excel and CSV formats.
7Is my data safe?
We take data security very seriously. We have put all necessary measures in place to make your data secure.